Spooky Cakes

Get spooked at T@lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel with a frightful selection of miniature Halloween themed cakes. A ghost, carved pumpkin, mummy, bloodshot eyeball and a few of their friends all appear in an effort to give you a tasty scare. They are great alone, or can be combined making a

BBQ Seafood Buffet

We assume you have heard of farm-to-table, what about sea-to-buffet? Throughout October the CiTi Bistro located on the Ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel is hosting a Thai Seafood & BBQ Buffet featuring oceanic delights as fresh as the come. Tasty shellfish, sushi, sashimi and more, plus a treasure trove of sumptuous dishes and condiments

Mixed Vegetable BBQ

Vegetables often take a backseat at BBQ grills, however this month at Kongju Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel they are center stage in all their nutritious glory. The Mixed Vegetable BBQ Platter highlights organic produce with a selection of farm fresh vegetables including pumpkin, zucchini, carrot and a variety of mushrooms.

Yoon Geiun Jeon

An earthy delicacy at Kongju Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel is an October exclusive not to be missed. Inspired by organic ingredients, Yoon Geiun Jeon combines seasoned pan-fried pumpkin and carrot placed in the delicate structure of a lotus root, producing a visually appealing dish with character. A sesame dipping sauce