Mexican Quesadilla Breakfast

Head south of the Border for breakfast at T@Lobby on the ground floor of the Pathumwan Princess Hotel with the arrival of the “Mexican Quesadilla Breakfast.” Enjoy a satisfying combination of savory fillings like gently roasted pulled pork, sautéed onions and gooey cheese sandwiched between a toasted golden brown tortillas. Served with tangy salsa and

Comforting Ssam Jang Bok um Bab

Try our version of Bok um Bab (Korean style fried rice) at Kongju Korean Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, Korean Ssam Jang Bok um Bab bursts with flavor. Freshly diced corn, carrot onion, peas, zucchini and onion are flash fried with seasoned rice and served

Thai Cuisine and Seafood BBQ Buffet

CiTi Bistro located on the Ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel comes alive each evening with the buzz of diners enjoying one of the city’s most impressive homegrown selections of Thai cuisine and mouthwatering BBQ seafood. Highly regarded for its commitment to showcasing the diversity of Thai food from the country’s culinary epicenters, CiTi Bistro

Showcasing N’Duja Salami

Pathumwan Princess Hotel’s Loop Italian Restaurant Terrace and Bar on the 8th Floor and Italian chef extraordinaire, Robero Panariello has crafted a variety of Italian classics showcasing the robust flavors of premium N’Duja Salami. Noted for its fiery taste, N’Duja Salami is the perfect accompaniment for a range of rich Italian favorites. Don’t miss your