Desheli Diamond Treasure Spa

Discover the new definition of wellness

DESHELI a unique destination anti-aging treatment program and luxury spa with healthy massage guaranteed standard quality by Thai spa association and international Spa Association.

Come and experience combination of facial rejuvenation treatment anti-aging program & Oriental Traditional spa with our unique service to perfect your relaxing day

Our high-class Desheli spa located on the 8th floor Pathumwan Princess hotel, 5 stars hotel in Bangkok Downtown centre. We are ready to serve you in Thai contemporary spa room with cozy and peaceful atmosphere; also premium natural spa package selected 100 % organic herbal products from traditional ingredients, and various special promotions are available for you.


Reservations Call : Tel. +66 (0) 2216-3700 Ext. 14

Location : On the 8th floor

Open Daily : 08:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.  (Last booking: 08:00 P.M.)

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More about Desheli :

The Company’s principal pursuit includes the manufacture and sales of professional luxury cosmeceutical products aimed at body/facial skin care as well as hair care. The cosmetic product components include minerals from the Dead Sea,among vitamins and plant extracts that retain all their health-giving properties due to the use of cutting-edge equipment.

The Company highly values each client trying to satisfy their individual needs. A competent advisor selects a series of products based on one’s skin for achieving the best results and answers to all questions regarding their appropriate use.Further consultations with cosmetologists help one see positive dynamics, and change certain parameters of product use if necessary.

Thanks to a program for evaluating the condition of one’s skin that retains individual characteristics
of each person, the clients see the changes in their skin and hair condition, and can personally assess the efficacy of DeSheli cosmetics. The aim of our professional monitoring is ensuring that every client achieves
the best possible effect from the use of DeSheli cosmetics.